The Maryland Loyalism Project Biographical Database provides the opportunity to search and explore the thousands of women and men of Maryland who remained loyal to the Crown during the American Revolution. It is a companion and gateway to the Maryland Loyalism Project Digital Archive, which makes publicly available for the first time digitized and transcribed volumes of sources from a range of North American and United Kingdom archives. 

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A diverse range of people remained loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolution for an equally diverse range of reasons. On this site you can learn about women and men like:

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There are two primary ways to access the records on this site:

First, you can use the global search box in the upper right corner of this page, typing in any term that you are looking to find. This will take you to a Search Results page that lists all the matching Items.

Second, you can go to the People page and browse the three categories - Memorialists, Witnesses, and Mentioned - into which the records have been organized. There is an explanation on that page for what each of the three categories mean.

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