Maryland Loyalism Project


Project Team
Project Director: Dr. Benjamin Bankhurst (Shepherd University)
Technical Director: Dr. Kyle Roberts (American Philosophical Society)
Developer: Zachary Stella (Loyola University Chicago)

Transcriptions were contributed by a number of interns, students, and community members over the course of 2019-2020. Credit for transcriptions are recorded on the level of the individual page and can be found following each transcription as well as in the metadata for that page (Details -> mrel:transcriber).   

Jillian Curran (Washington College, CV Starr Center Explore America Summer Intern, 2020)
Elizabeth Lilly (Washington College, CV Starr Center Explore America Summer Intern, 2020)
Michael Mastrianni (Shepherd University, Digital History Intern, 2019)
Claire Tryon (Shepherd University, Content Editor Lapidus Digital Initiatives Intern, Summer 2019)
Jackie Wantz (Shepherd University, Digital History Intern, 2019)  

Community Transcribers
Thomas H. Benner
Benjamin Dinkle

This project originated as an exercise in a team-taught course at Loyola University Chicago and Shepherd University. The Project Team gratefully recognizes the early transcriptions and feedback from students that shaped this project.

Loyola University Chicago Students, HIST 361 (Spring 2019)
Carter Dell, Aida Ibarra, Daniel Hauser, Gerald Hayes, Sydney Holdren, Nicholas Klar, Daniel Lucas, Mark Masellis, Kyle Newman, James Ozog, William Phelan, Alex Ponder-Bisping, Kathleen Provost, Christopher Romano, Sajjad Sajjadi, Jordan Sultanian, Paul Witry, Matthew Zator

Shepherd University Students, HIST 305 (Spring 2019)
Mitchell Arthur, Jacob Blackall, Paul Coblentz, Marilyn Creager, Kevin Dodson, Mackenzie Halterman, Skyla Heise, Lydia King, Aniqua Lower, Michael Mastrianni, Henry McNally, William Montgomery, Victoria Myers, Matthew Ross, Claire Tryon, Jackie Wantz, Valentina Young-Wood 


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