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The Maryland Loyalism Project presents the stories of the women and men of Maryland who remained loyal to the Crown during the American Revolution. It makes publicly available for the first time digitized and transcribed volumes of sources from a range of North American and United Kingdom archives. The project seeks to bring together records that illustrate the diversity of the Maryland Loyalist experience.

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A range of people hailing from different backgrounds and regions within the colony remained loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolution. They did so for many reasons, both opportunistic and ideological in nature. On this site you can learn about women and men like:

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The Maryland Loyalism Project functions as a digital archive bringing together collections in one place from different archives. The project is ever-evolving and new resources will be added when possible. Please see the Recent Updates page for news regarding added sources as they become available and other news. The current records on the site focus on the experiences of Loyalists who fled America during the war. Represented collections include:

Records on the site are organized by manuscript volume. Enjoy browsing the original manuscripts and transcriptions. for the too often overlooked experiences of women and men whose lives were turned upside down because of their loyalty to the British Crown.

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The Maryland Loyalism Project also has a companion biographical database. It provides the opportunity to search and explore biographical records for the thousands of women and men of Maryland who remained loyal to the Crown during the American Revolution. The database can accessed by links at the end of each Memorial, but can also be accessed directly here.

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