Maryland Loyalism Project

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About the Project

Kyle Roberts, "Announcing the Maryland Loyalism Project," American Philosophical Society (blog), 21 October 2020. Read here.

Jillian Curran, "The Rare Opportunity to Restore Personhood," American Philosophical Society (blog), 21 October 2020. Read here.

Elizabeth Lilly, "Uncovering the Experiences of Female Loyalists," American Philosophical Society (blog), 21 October 2020. Read here.

"Navigating Platform, Design, and Representation in the Maryland Loyalism Project," a talk with Benjamin Bankhurst, Kyle Roberts, and Zachary Stella (Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities, Loyola University Chicago, 30 September 2020) Watch here.

"The Untold Stories of Maryland Loyalists," a talk with Jillian Curran, Elizabeth Lilly and Benjamin Bankhurst (American Philosophical Society, 4 August 2020) Watch here.

"Loyalists & the American Revolution: A Conversation with Benjamin Bankhurst, James Broomall, Michael Mastrianni, Travis Shaw, and Claire Tryon" (George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War, 19 May 2020) Watch here.

About Maryland Loyalism

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About Currency in Colonial Maryland

John E. Sandrock, "Maryland Colonial and Continental Bank Note Issues of the American Revolution," The Currency Collector

About the Black Loyalists

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About the Loyalist Claims Commission and the British Exiles

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About Other Digital Projects on Loyalism

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