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The Narrative of Hugh Kelly - Page 3 - Transcript

for His Majesty’s Service. On which near 200 of the
nominated Officers and Men were apprehended and
Seven of the Officers received Sentence of Death and to be
executed in a very inhuman manner, three of whom
were executed and three reprieved on Condition of
Transportation for Life to France and the most part
of the Remainder of the people severely fined & confined,
and said Kelly then secreted himself for a few days
until he met with Fleming who had returned from
Lord Cornwallis with Instructions to him.
             That said Kelly & Fleming resolved to continue
in Secret amongst the Loyalists and prepare them for the
coming of Lord Cornwallis which was soon expected and
at the same time said Kelly sent another Officer and a
Guide with further Information to his Lordship whom
they met at Williamsburgh the 27th of June, and left
him at York Town the 12th of August, and arrived in
Maryland with Instructions from his Lordship for
said Kelly to keep up the Spirits of the Loyalists and
that he would join him in three weeks.
             That said Kelly on account of large rewards
being offered for apprehending him continued secreted
until the Surrender of Lord Cornwallis by which time
his beard was grown a considerable length, and he
otherwise so disguised himself as a Dunkard or German
Baptist (a religious sect of People in Maryland and
Pensylvania) to Travel to New York, yet notwithstanding
the disguise he was taken upon suspicion of not being
a Dunkard and closely examined by General Irvine
Colonel Butler and several other Military & Civil
Officers, and after being Twenty two days confined
in Carlisle Gaol was discharged with a Discovery.

[Transcribed by Elizabeth Lilly]

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